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Standard Work Activity Page


Process Name: Creating an EPR (Electronic Payment Request) in ePay




Review the Vendor Invoice

  • Line item descriptions and charges are complete, accurate and calculated correctly
  • Note any advice of vendor name, address or banking information changes
  • Determine the appropriate Cost Center(s) and General Ledger (GL) Account


Gather the required documentation

  • EC (Executive Committee) member approval, if required
  • ECO (Ethics and Compliance Officer) approval, if required
  • Supplemental documentation (as applicable)
    • Approved Budget
    • Signed Event Approval Form
    • Vendor Contract
    • List of attendees or recipients
    • Any other documentation required


Prepare your documents

  • Scan invoice and all the above documentation into one document
  • Save the scanned document with the invoice number (or if there is no invoice number, use invoice date as mmddyyyy) with naming convention: i.e.: 123456_INV or 01152017_INV to a folder for future reference


Creating an EPR (Electronic Payment Request)

  • Go to the ePay website

Click on the icon under Welcome to ePay  which will bring you to the Login Page.


Enter your PW ID (i.e.: m123456) and your LDAP password.

Click Login, which brings you to the Dashboard



  • In the upper left hand corner, click EPR, then New EPR
  • Choose whether or not the invoice is for services
  • Select the Company Code- US01 Pratt & Whitney
  • Choose the appropriate Commodity Family and Commodity Code or Choose from the List in the link provided
  • Click to verify that the invoice includes vendor name and address
  • Click Continue


Vendor Details

  • If Vendor Code is known, enter in the box and click Go
  • If not known, click Vendor Search key. A new window will open where you can search by Vendor Name or Code. Enter your search criteria and click Vendor Search
  • The possible options will open; choose the appropriate option by clicking the radio button on the left. Click Select Vendor and the vendor details will appear on your original request screen
  • Verify that the vendor information matches what is on the invoice (including banking information, if vendor is set up for electronic payments)
    • If details are the same, click the Continue key and proceed to next step, Invoice Details
    • If details are different, choose to update at the link just under the Vendor Code, by clicking on ‘here’. A new window will open with the vendor details prefilled. Make any necessary changes or additions, upload any supporting documentation (i.e.: copy of invoice or letter requesting the change) and select the checkbox verifying no export information. Make any comments to VMA (Vendor Master Admin) in the text box and click Continue.


Invoice Details

  • Choose the invoice date from the drop down calendar
  • Enter the invoice number (or if there is no invoice number, use invoice date as mmddyyyy) with naming convention: i.e.: 123456_INV or 01152017_INV
  • Choose currency that invoice is to be paid in (default is USD)
  • Enter remittance text: a simple description, event name or similar
  • Notes to Approver: Enter a description of the goods or services (anything that the approver should know)
  • Click on Click Here. A new window will open to upload the invoice and any other documentation you need to include. You need to select this option for each separate document you wish to upload, checking the export acknowledgement each time. Click Continue.


 Tax Information

  • If the invoice breaks out US Sales Tax, choose radio button Yes and enter the amount. Select Country (US or Non-US) and State (US only) where goods/services were received from the drop down boxes and click Continue
  • If the invoice breaks out VAT, choose radio button Yes and enter amount. Select Country (US or Non-US) and State (US only) from the drop down boxes. Click Continue.


Accounting Details

  • Line Items:
    • Enter the Event Title in Description
    • Enter amount of invoice (excluding sales tax or VAT)
    • Choose Allowable or Unallowable (usually unallowable)
    • Enter GL (General Ledger) Account # from list provided found at:


\\ehgrp06\CSSGroup\CUSTOMER RELATIONS\Admin\GL Accts for Customer Relations.xlsx


  • If you are charging multiple cost centers or there are multiple events on one invoice, break out the costs appropriately and enter the Event Title in Description and proceed for each Line Item as above



  • Click Add Line Item, then Continue


Charging Information

  • Single Cost Center

Check box under Cost Center and enter number to be charged

  • Multiple Cost Centers

Check box under Cost Center and then click on Charging Details

key at far right. The Split Accounting window will open:

    • Click on the Add Row key for all additional Cost Centers (after the first) to be charged
  • Choose Split based on radio key based on whether you are charging each cost center a specific amount or a percentage
  • Enter the applicable dollar or percentage amount under Split Amount (USD$) or % and the corresponding cost center number
  • Verify that the Total is the correct amount/equals 100% and click Submit
  • Charging Information window will reopen. Click Continue.


Payment Details

  • Payment Method

Defaults to the payment method that the vendor is set up with. DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT PAYMENT METHOD.

If you want to use a different payment method, click Save As Draft at bottom of page, then use the Back key to return to Vendor Search. Search for vendor again to see if the vendor is set up for the alternate payment method.

    • If so, choose the Vendor Code with the alternate payment method using the radio button and click Select Vendor.

Vendor details will change to the newly selected information. Click Continue until you’re back to the Payment Details page.


    • If not, you can modify the vendor information to add the banking information or remit to address following the ePay: New Vendor Standard Work, which can be found at:



  • Payment Type
    • Default is Next Schedule Payment after Approval. This means that once the final approver signs off, the payment will be processed the following day.
    • If you want to use Future Pay, choose this radio button and select date form the drop down calendar, following the guidelines on the page.


  • Special Handling refers to non-standard actions**, for example:
    • Including an attachment to be mailed with a check.
    • Having a check shipped by an overnight service.
    • Sending a check to a different name or address than is listed as the recipient in the Vendor Information.

**To perform any of these actions, you must choose the Yes radio button where it asks if you have Check Attachments, whether you have any attachments to include or not. Choose Yes, then the

applicable choice form the drop down list Special Handling. Complete the information as required and click Continue.


Approver Details:

  • The designated Approver for the cost center(s) you indicated in the Charging Information will prefill. If you are required to add an additional Finance Dept. Approver. (i.e.: at present that approver for CE is Brett Brunetti):
    • Click on the Add Additional Approvers key. A new window will open.
    • Choose your search criteria form the drop down box under Search By, enter the information and click on Approver Search. The search results will appear in the same window.
    • Use the radio button to select the appropriate additional approver and click Select and the additional approver will appear. You can now add more approvers or click on Continue.


Draft EPR:

  • Summary:
  • Review the Draft details for accuracy. If required, you can click the Edit key on the right in each section to make any changes. (If you choose this option, you will need to click on Continue to navigate back to the Summary page.)
  • When you’re ready to submit the payment request, click on Export to PDF. A pdf version of the request will appear in a new tab. Hover near the bottom of the window and the action icons appear, click on the Save icon using the invoice number (or if there is no invoice number, use invoice date as mmddyyyy) with naming convention: i.e.: 123456_APP or 01152017_APP (Approval) to the folder where you saved the invoice and back up documents for easy retrieval in the event of an audit.


  • Click on the Submit Request  key. The EPR will now show up on the Dashboard under ‘Requests Pending Approval’


From this list:

    • Monitor payment status
    • Open a request by double clicking on the ID, click on the Summary tab and you can see which Approvers have reviewed and approved and on what date
    • Review Approver’s notes






Prepared by: Paula Stabert

Release Date: 01/02/2017

Paula Stabert

Updated to provide specific event information to interface with the current Trade Show and Exhibits database and allow for ePay uploads.

Updated: 11/13/2017

Paula Stabert

Updated for general use by any PW organization/department paying invoices in ePay.

Updated: 05/28/2020